how could i add digital signature to Forms?


I would like to add a digital signature to registration Forms, is there a way to do that?



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Hi Nechama,

To confirm that this is not currently available. However, there are a few uservoices open to have this functionality

I voted! I would recommend you do too and drive as many people as possible to this in order to get Microsoft's attention and drive this much needed functionality onto the roadmap. Digital signatures for forms is really needed for auditing and governance.

I hope I answered your question. If I have, please like the response and set this answer as the solution. I look forward to answering more of your questions in the community in the future.

Best, Chris
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Hi @Nechama Hemed Havardi


Not with Forms alone at this time.


However it's possible that you could use Microsoft Flow to take the response, have an email sent the submitter with the details for approval (the verification would be that they have used their registration email to confirm what they have submitted), which will then trigger an email to you with the response.


You could also have the response stored in SharePoint, or as a document, etc (I have set something similar up in my company).


It's a workaround and the UserVoice idea below is a good one for proper functionality.




Thank you Damien for your answer!
Is there a rule in Microsoft Flow that once the Form is submitted the sender gets a link to sing or to I need to define it?

Hi @Nechama Hemed Havardi


There's two ways that could work depending on how strict the digital signature needs to be (e.g. for legal compliance you will need a secure Connector).


Option 1. Using approvals to get sign off

Here's a scenario you could apply:

a. The user fills in the form and submits it. Their email address is automatically recorded (if the form is for use within the orgnsation) OR they can nominate an email address.

b. A copy of the form details submitted by the user is sent to the users nominated email.

c. User can review the info they have provided and click Approve to finalise the process.

d. You will receive an email with the final approval and form details. 


Here's one I've made for my workplaceHere's one I've made for my workplace

The only catch with this is that someone can impersonate another person if they are providing the email address.


If this is internal to Microsoft (or your clients organisation), this should not be an issue as the submitters email is recorded and the email can be automatically sent to their email address.


Option 2. Use DocuSign or Adobe Sign for a secure digital signature

You can use Flow to trigger a process for the submitter to digitally sign off on the form details. Using a similar flow above, you'd need to use the DocuSign or Adobe Sign Connectors and configure it to execute this process.


Note that the two Connectors are not free and will require some form of licensing.


I hope that makes sense and helps!






@Damien Rosario 

Hi Damien, 

the option 1 in your post explain exactelly what i need to do with my form (send courses options to choose and obtain an approval to confirm).

I try to follow you wiki but i think it miss some details and i don't succed in making it working.

Can you send detailled pictures of each step?


kind regards.



Hello @FredoCro 


What have you gotten stuck on? We can explore how to address any issues together.




@FredoCro Any luck? I'm not seeing a way to add dynamic content respondent's email in the "Create and wait for an approval" connector

Hello @Damien Rosario 

sorry for delay   easter holiday and containement!

I made a test form with 4 questions: 

what is your email address?

meal at school?

nursery at school?

swimming pool ok?

I think the problem is when I create item in sharepoint or get response details

when I want to save my automate I get an error

thanks for your help

kind regards 


here is what I got:


Hello @FredoCro 


Hope you are well and I think we can all appreciate the difficulties in the isolation we're experiencing so no worries at all.


You have a number of minor issues in the flow which is stopping it at a number of points, but the biggest question first is: Are the emails going externally to Gmail, Hotmail and other accounts?


If Yes, then you cannot use Start and wait for an approval as this is only for internal users in your organisation.


There is another option called Send email with options which allows you to set your own values (e.g. Approve, reject) that the user can choose, however it's notoriously buggy right now and Microsoft need to fix this asap as it doesn't work (we can discuss this depending on your answer to the above question).


 Anyway the answer to the question will help shape the answer we will explore.




Hi @Damien Rosario 

thank you for your quick answer.

Indeed, external address will be most of the email addresses.

But, even if the flow checker don't find error, I cannot save my automate with error:

Flow save failed with code 'WorkflowOperationParametersExtraParameter' and message 'The API operation does not contain a definition for parameter 'undefined'.'.

thank you for your help

kind regards



@Damien Rosario 


Can I find out the step by step for your scenario 1, please? Thank you. 

Hi @FredoCro


Sorry, just realised that I forgot to respond to this. How did you go with the error? Did you get it resolved?




Hi @PaulineL 


There's two pictures above, both from me and @FredoCro who highlight how the steps look for setting this up. The visuals will help with getting this going.


Have you given it a shot as yet and are stuck? If yes, where are you stuck on?


If you haven't started yet, the first port of call is:


1. Setting up your Form first, and making sure that you have access to it so that Power Automate will see it.


2. Add a trigger in your new Flow called When a new response is submitted and choose your form from the drop down list. This step keeps an eye out for a new response.


3. Add Get response details and choose your form. This step will retrieve what was submitted from the above step.


4. From there (refer to the images in previous posts), you will be able to add Start and wait for an approval, put in the relevant details and form attributes (dynamic content).


5. Use a Condition and choose Responses (if Responses errors out, try Outcome) and set to Equals Approve.


6. From there you are able to choose what to do if Yes/No.


See how you go and let me know if you are stuck.


Good luck friend.




@Nechama Hemed Havardi 

You can use This is a web-based platform. You can create your own forms with MS Word, store them as pdf, upload it to There you add the areas which should be filled and signed. Each created form has a unique link. Send the link to as many people as you want (1 - infinity). Each form being filled and sent will arrive at a defined email address or in a database if defined. 

Best Anna