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In Office 365 Forms, I am attempting to create an event request form.  I do not appear to be able to add a question for TIME of Day.  I see a template for DATE but not TIME.  In Google Forms "include Time" is an option for Date Questions in the contextual sub-menu.  Is there someplace to add this function perhaps that I am missing?  Ultimately I would like to add a script to the form that would auto-create an Outlook Calendar event on a shared calendar at the date and time on the form submission.

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Hi William , Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature ASK. We have added this feature to our backlog.

Any updates? It's been a year.

I am currently struggling with the same problem. It interferes with Flow in trying to create events, unless I ask people to make it military time, which is not user friendly. 

I am also interested in this. Please let us know if this is still a planned feature. Thank you.

Good morning again,

Please update us on whether this feature will be added in the future. I dont understand why it's taken over a year to get a response...
When will this features come to Forms?

This feature is standard with google forms. I would like to keep everything under the Microsoft umbrella but not being able to specify time in a form is a big deal in my case. Hopefully this feature is added soon!

I really need this, have a few forms that don't quite give us what we need, without THIS.

having to do a really convoluted workaround which is just nasty.

Can I ask what your current workaround is? I have a Flow dependent on the date responses in a Form that I need to get working as soon as possible. 

Best work around is google forms. Not the best answer, but I don't bother with Microsoft's option anymore. 

Randy Herrera is right. that is my work around as well (google Forms) until MS can implement this basic functionality. 

1) just use a generic text box and "hope" they put in something generally recognisable as a time.


2) as 1) but use flow and its connectors to generate an actual time formatted response, its a bit of a ball ache though trying to take into account all the possible variations and typo's to capture everything.

Hey y'all - I found a good, somewhat simple workaround for this using Concatenate. 

The formula I used is: 

and if you want to add a specific time, modify this using military time: 
Start out using Expression, concat, then switch over to Dynamic and point it to the date response you're looking for. 


......that feeling you get when you've spent hours putting together a flow that kinda works, and someone goes and does it 'properly'....



We still waiting for this update.

2 years...

Hey any news when or if it will happen.

Microsoft adds so many functions and new apps that it's almost impossible to manage, but when you need to do something very easy, very simple, and almost always required when doing invites or reporting like a time field, they completely ignore it. My question is, why have anything in Flow not supported in Forms?

Have we had any more updates on whether we can have a question in forms that captures a specific time?

Is this formula created for any given time? for some reason, all events have 5-530 pm