Cannot access MS Forms after making survey in Teams

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I have noticed several times that after creating a survey using Forms in Teams, I cannot access Forms on the web. I get a "Your account is not enabled for Microsoft Forms" error message. I get the same error message if I try to add a Form as a tab in Teams. A few hours later I have access to Forms again as usual.


It sounds really weird, but it has happened multiple times. I never have a problem accessing Forms unless I create a survey in Teams, so it has to be related somehow.


I created the survey by clicking on the Forms add-on, not doing the quick poll with an "@Forms" mention or adding a Forms tab (see image).



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@Benzini Seems the same has happened to an account I'm using to test.


It has O365 Business Essentials plus other bits and pieces that well and truly covers Forms.  Even a Forms Pro trial but I turned that off in case it had been used and was now interfering.


Also turned off then back on various licenses.  But I get this error.


And yes, just after creating a Form (poll) in Teams.  Sadly I hadn't needed to access Forms before this (and haven't for a while now), so don't know if I could get to Forms just before the poll creation.


Am going to log a ticket with MS as it needs fixing.


Just having the same problem here. Is it just a temporary problem or do i have to involve MS support?

MS Support resolved it for me so you should log a ticket with them.  @Stephan G 

I can confirm this. It happened to my account as well.

Now I'm waiting for Microsoft support.

Yes but why does it happen? And how can I solve it without Microsoft involvement?

@SanChamp Another user in my tenant encountered this error a few days ago but it seemed to resolve.  I suggest trying a different browser, trying incognito / private mode in the browser then clear cache/data for the site.  If that fails you will need Microsoft support.  I log tickets from the O365 Admin portal so you may need an admin in your tenant to do this.

@Kai Zhang  (Kai is an MS Forms developer) This is becoming a more common issue, when a users creates a poll in forms through Teams it than gives the you are not authorised error.

It is sometimes cleared by just waiting, or by signing out of Teams and back in again (Token issue?)