Allow form respondents to save and continue to fill the form later

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In our company we use sharepoint and MS 365 Business every day. MS Forms is very intuitive and esasy to handle, thats great! I made a long survey on sustainability topics to our members. Then I got feedback that in many cases more than one person in the adressed member companies have to work together according to their expertise... so they need the option to save the survey, send it to another colleague who can conitnue answering the question... Right now I have to look to alternative tools to fullfill this very important option. But I would prefer to continue my survey (where I already put more than one week of effort) in MS Forms. Is there already any timeline, when Mircrosoft will implement this function?


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Great ask. We are tracking this as 2 separate items. The first is save & resume, where a user could save their progress and resume the response later. The second item is collaboration for a form responses, where multiple people could collaborate on response vs today where you can only collaborate at form creation time.

The first ask, save & resume, is something we are actively discussing but no timeline to share at this time. The second is not in short/medium term plans, but might be something we consider in longer term

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Dear Jon,
thank you for the reply!
- first item: please keep me updated on your progress.
- second item: not exactly what I would like to read ;) I hope that MS will recognice the importance of that feature and will not lose market share to Google Forms or other Survey Tools in ignoring this topic... If you need more arguemts to push the second topic as well, please ask me.

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@Jon_Kay  Do you have any news on when the "Save and Resume Later" feature for Forms will be available? Many thanks



Not at this time.


We will publish updates on the public roadmap when appropriate.