Bookings notification email does not include custom field information

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Bookings notification emails only include the service name, customer name, and date/time. It is important that other fields, especially custom fields and the person with whom the appointment is made (as applciable), are included in the email notification. Otherwise, it is too difficult to understand with whom the appointment is made or actions that need to be taken to prepare for the appointment based on the data collected from custom fields. This lack of data makes Bookings nearly useless except for personal bookings where only one person needs to know info about their own appointments.

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Same for me. It was at least showing who was assigned in the email, and now it shows nothing except who scheduled it, the date and the time. I wish it would show all the fields that are being filled out. Beyond me, why this wouldn't show in the email once someone is assigned? @gbickert 

@ChasReynoldsJr it seems pretty straight forward. Hopefully they will start including all the completed fields in the meeting notification.

@gbickert Is this for a multicustomer appointment or for 1:1? Are you seeing this as a recent change?




1:1 appointment (as in 1 service, 1 customer, and 1 employee assigned to the service). Not a recent change. Only the customer name, service name, date, time, and user details are included in the notifications to the user and admin email notifications. Other completed fields are not included in the notification. It is especially important that custom fields are included in notifications.
for 1:1 appointments, the calendar invite sent to the staff should have the custom fields, are you not seeing in the invites received by staff?
Yes. I have reviewed the copy sent to the staff and the copy sent to admin. Neither includes the custom fields in the email. If you are certain that it is being included in 1:1 appointments, then maybe we are referring to something different. I have set up a booking page where multiples services are available. Only one employee (user) is assigned to each service. But, if you mean a personal booking page, then I have not experimented with that.
I've noticed this issue too. It's highly inconvenient. I have noticed the location of the meeting is not showing up either. It may be because I manually type "Phone Call" as the location, and bookings wants me to choose a known address once I begin to type an address.

Has anyone else seen location in the confirmation and reminder emails?
Has there been a solve for this issue as I'm still seeing it on my end as well. Very inconvenient and non-intuitive.