Suggested/Recommended Endpoint DLP File Path Exclusions?

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Using Endpoint data loss prevention - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs

It says:

"You may want to exclude certain paths from DLP monitoring, DLP alerting, and DLP policy enforcement on your devices because they are too noisy or don’t contain files you are interested in. Files in those locations will not be audited and any files that are created or modified in those locations will not be subject to DLP policy enforcement. You can configure path exclusions in DLP settings."


Are there particular paths that are suggested for exclusion for DLP scanning similarly to recommendations for excluding certain directories from A/V scanning?

What are common paths that are "too noisy" and likely to not contain files you are interested in as mentioned above?

For example, to prevent performance problems or other issues, should temp folders, C:\Program Files, C:\Windows, %appdata% etc. be included or excluded from DLP scanning?

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