OneDrive for Mac OS temp files taking up a lot of space.


One of my users today noticed that OneDrive for Mac created a tmp file directory of over 15GB (see screenshot). My questions are:
1. Why are these files created and should they take up this much space?

2. Are these files safe to delete?


Thanks for the help.


MAC OS Onedrive temp files.png

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Hey Jason,


  1. These files should be of downloads that haven't completed yet. Once a file download has completed, it should be moved from the TMP folder to your actual OneDrive folder. If you don't have any pending downloads, then this is a bug.
  2. Yes these are safe to delete, but any pending downloads would be restarted.

Can you grab logs from ~/Library/OneDrive/Logs and direct message me them?



I am having a similar problem: files in the TMP folder just don't delete after the copying has finished and thus the folder grows and grows... Best, Max

@voeglerm Can you report a problem on that device and then send me the ticket number?

Silly question - but how do I do that? On OneDrive I can "send feedback" but not request help.

@voeglerm Go to your admin center and click ''Need Help?'' and create a support ticket. Good luck!

Thx! Microsoft OneDrive - ticket nr. 1650528

@Jonathan Leung 


I'm having a similar problem, except with almost 4,000 files named "SyncDiagnostics-[number].log" taking up almost 6 GB in /Users/[myaccount]/Library/Logs/OneDrive/Personal


My OneDrive folder is on another drive and is fully synced—so these aren't temp files for something in progress.


Can I delete these or somehow free up the drive space?