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Is there any way to block or disable the button to Add a service or Add a place in Word, PowerPoint or Excel?  


We would like to keep the ability to have our organization's OneDrive and SharePoint listed, but not add any other organization or personal OneDrives and SharePoint.  The article above either allows or blocks completely. 


We looked at How to block OneDrive use from within Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and Office 2016 applications..., but this seems to either block one thing, but not the other and does not have any way of restricting just to our organization.




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@blockwood-cncy Hello, the page you're linking to is about two different GPOs. So you should have a look at the 1 and 2 policy settings I've attached. Vasil is referring to the "connected experiences" Use policy settings to manage privacy controls for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise - Deploy Office...


1. Block signing into Office (

2. Hide file locations when opening or saving files (


That should do the trick.

@ChristianJBergstrom thanks for that, but that doesn't solve the whole problem.  It still allows me to add another organizations SharePoint and OneDrive.  It only blocks personal.


I want to allow my organization's resources while blocking the ability to add another tenant.




Which GPOs settings did you use? Are you saying you only allow your org. to sign in (the 1 above) and have disabled personal OneDrive (the 2 above) but can somehow still continue with the attached process and sign in with another account not belonging to your org?

@ChristianJBergstrom These are the ones that I set and I was still able to add another tenant.  In the last ones you can see I still was able to add another org.  I just cannot add any personal sites.





Hi, a bit rusty in this area! Out of curiosity, what happens when you set value 3 and not only OneDrive personal? Does it wipe your org. ODFB connection too?

Ping @NunoAriasSilva Would you mind taking a look at this?


I know you can disable most things as there are even more reg. keys to use when it comes to this topic, but what's the best way (is there a way) to achieve the requested behavior still not disabling any services? Meaning making OneDrive/SharePoint available from "Add a service" in Office but for own org. only not using any allow/deny list or shutting down services/sharing.


@blockwood-cncy perhaps you should look at it from another perspective. I understand you trying to prevent "third-party storage" in general, but end-users will always find a way. And there should be policies for that in your org. too. Have you considered using DLP/Sensitivity labels? In these scenarios you don't even have to bother about possible loopholes as the documents are being classified and protected.