my microsoft account is hacked

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5 days ago, i was trying to verify my account at a discord server, then i realize that they are hacking my account because of incoming security mails. they changed my account security mails. and they even changed my mail to email address removed for privacy reasons (my mail was email address removed for privacy reasons). i tried to save my account through "save your account", but  it didnt work because i dont know the birth date of the e  mail( i usually dont use my own (im not under 18)). i have bunch of proof that it was my e mail. i bought xbox pc game pass subscription 2-3 months ago and i bought minecraft pc edition 1 months ago with that microsoft account. i have all payment info etc. please give my microsoft account back. i am also uploading screenshots. please help me :\ (sorry for poor language, the screenshots is turkish, if it is possible i need a turkish support peoplesecurity info deleted.PNGminecraft ss.PNGsecurity info deleted.PNG)

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@gutenmorgana. I hope you're having a wonderful day.  I'm sorry to hear that your Microsoft account has been hacked but I can provide some guidance on what you can do to try and recover your account.

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Account Recovery Page: Go to the Microsoft account recovery page using a web browser:

  2. Provide Account Information: Fill in the requested account information to verify your identity. If your primary email address has been changed, you can use the "contact email address" option to receive a verification code on a different email address you have access to.

  3. Provide Proof of Ownership: In the "Additional information" section, you can provide any relevant information that could help Microsoft verify that the account belongs to you. Mention the Xbox PC Game Pass subscription and the Minecraft PC edition purchase you made with the account. Include any other payment information or details that could establish your ownership.

  4. Use Other Options: If you don't have all the necessary information or if the recovery process doesn't work, you can also try reaching out to Microsoft support directly. Visit for contact options specific to your region.

  5. Secure Your Accounts: While you work on recovering your Microsoft account, make sure to secure your other accounts as well. Change passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and check for any suspicious activity in your other online services.

Remember that account recovery can be a process that takes time, but providing as much relevant information as possible will increase your chances of success. Additionally, be cautious about any phishing attempts or suspicious links you may have encountered during the hacking incident. 


I hope this helps. Good Luck.