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I need to enter 87 questions , answers with choice buttons , but was cut off at 40. The option to add another question was grayed out. Is the question limit a local setting set by the organization, or in MS Forms itself? If in Forms, then the suggestion would be to address it, but if a local setting, then I can investigate that. 

It appears Microsoft has an OOTB limit configuration on the survey. Is there any limitations in MS Forms? how many question can post in a survey form ? Can you say about the OOTB(Out of the Box) limitations error ?




Thanks in Advance.

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Hello @Na Estam,



Reading around I have found a few Microsoft repsonses over the last year or so that all seem to differ a bit. 

It does however generally work out around the 100 number:

I think from reading around you should in theory be able to post more than that. Do you have exceptionally long questions or something?



The limit I've hit is 100 questions, though one confusing thing I've experienced is that a "likert" doesn't count as one, it counts as one per "statement". This meant that I hit the question limit far before actually getting to 100 "questions".

I have found the limitations to be frustrating. I have been converting those that past the limits to PowerApps.


I found the latest support article with Forms limitations.

Thanks for the link to the FAQ, it's being expanded substantially since I last saw it and I'm glad to see it covering limitations as well as some other additional topics.