M365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

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Hi Community,


One of our customer currently migrating some OneDrive DATA from their old tenant to a new one. Customer wants to keep same domain names.


So they must first remove them from the old tenant to create them in the new one. But they're afraid to loose the (OneDrive) DATA associated with the accounts when they will be moved to the initial ".ONMICROSOFT.COM" domain (which will happen after domain name removal).




1. What exactly happens with the accounts of OneDrive DATA once the old domain (wherein it was originally hosted) is removed ?

2. What is the best practice in this context to retrieve any associated DATA during/after migration?


They want to check the priority steps knowing that they want to keep its domain name in the new tenant, which mean they'll have to detach the domain from tenant source to create it in target tenant


3. Should they first create a temporary domain where users will be migrated to, remove the domain name from tenant source to free it and create it in target tenant, then create the users ? or can they simply remove the domain name which will cause the existing users belonging to this domain to be automatically moved the initial .ONMICROSOFT.COM domain (with all the dependencies and OneDrive Data) ?


Any pointers would be of great help!


Many thanks in advance!

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