Items that are deleted from a shared mailbox go to the wrong folder in Outlook

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This article suggests a registry fix for Office 365 , however this registry path (\General) isn't available in Outlook for Office 365. I have checked this on multiple devices and all missing




If this registry fix it's available to Office 365 , please advise how we move deleted shared mailbox items to the delegated mailbox (i.e. shared mailbox) instead of the primary Outlook profile deleted items

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Simply create the missing keys as needed.

@VasilMichev  Hi, I tired that and didn't still work. Even rebooted the laptop and still when deleting an email from a shared mailbox the email is moved to my deleted items (Primary mailbox) instead of the moving to the shared folder's deleted items


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Did you check the Policy key as well?
Hi, please can you clarify "Policy key" , I cannot see reference to this in the article.
The last section in the article you linked above.

@VasilMichev The "Policy" key for office (Office\<x.0>\Outlook\Options\General) doesn't exit nor are the devices connected to domain container for managing GPO.


The article doesn't suggest create these keys either.


GBO key 



Please advise


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It's an "either or" scenario here, as long as one of these locations has the key, it should work. But in your case, it doesn't, so I'm out of ideas. Open a support ticket?
I have opened a MS support ticket. They suggested to remove the office registry sub key and using the SaRA tool to remove Office completely and reinstall. Done this and didn't work.

Will continue to pursue MS support.