How to turn on pronouns in Microsoft 365 [he, him, she, her, they]



Pronouns are the words we use to replace someone's name in a sentence, such as “he,” “she,” or “they” in English. 

The ability to allow people in your organization to display their pronouns on the profile card is OFF by default for your tenant. 

If elected, after you have turned pronouns ON, it is optional for users to add pronouns to their profile. 

Pronouns will be shown next to the name in the top section of the profile card in Outlook on the web and Teams. Pronouns will be visible to everyone in your organization. 

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Hi @Giuliano De Luca - do you know that once enabled if these pronouns are searchable in anyway? 

Hi Alex,
I don't think they are searchable.
Hi Giuliano,

I have turned on the Pronouns feature in Org-Settings last week and I still don't see this feature available in Teams. Do you know if there needs to be a policy in place in MS Teams Admin Center? Any help would be appreciated.
If it doesn't show up you should raise a Microsoft ticket to investigate further

Pronouns are editable and visible in Outlook for the web :raising_hands: @Giuliano De Luca 

But no + button as you show in the video [2:18] to allow us to add in Teams desktop or browser.  What's the next step?





Ok probably is not yet completely rolled out in Teams, could you try open your Teams client in public preview mode?

My error @Giuliano De Luca! I'd missed a small detail in the navigation from the Teams profile window. All is well and our colleagues are adding their pronouns :) Thank you for replying :folded_hands:


Question - any idea if pronouns will be available across M365 - eg in SharePoint, Delve, mobile apps?  

Now that I have enabled this setting, I would like to report on the adoption in my organization. Is there a way, via Graph API for instance, to report how many staff members have adopted this degree of self identification?
@Giuliano De Luca 

Hi @ruddy_admin,


There's currently non API's for pronouns or any access to the storage location of these.