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Hello @all,

short question:

I've a short question regarding guest users in Office365 tenant. I would like give guest users the ability to sync parts of Sharepoint Library (created by a O365 Group) to the local client. Is that possible?

More Details - what I did so far
I googled lots of websites but I feel the stuff is too old and Microsoft improved inbetween the guest modes in Office365.

I tried it with a test account. I invited an external user via Azure AD and on the external user site I accpeted the invitation. The external user created a personal microsoft account and is able to use Teams and SharePoint in the webbrowser. This all works fine. But as a last step I would like to sync the folders from the library to the guest computer.

I click the sync button in the webbrowser (Library) and the local OneDrive will open (blue one (business), the white OneDrive (personal) is already setup).

Now, the system says I need my work or school account. I stuck.
I tried the upn which consist of " The login find's the user, but I as soon as I click "forward" the site changes and than comes back to the login page. I guess its because azuread finds the upn, but has no access to password or respectively no handler which points the login process to the private microsoft account ad, where the password is stored. 

I also applied a E1 license to the guest account (via portal), to test if there is any change, but no.

Therefore my question again:
Is it possible to give guest users the ability to sync a SharePoint library with OneDrive (personal account)?

Thank you so much for reading this! :)

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This MS article i believe will give you the information you require

@Tanya Denton 
Hi Tanya,

thank you very much. I red this article today too (at least two times :D ), but I must have overseen it. I marked the key facts in yellow. It clearly says for sync a work or school account is necessary.

Well, thank you for your time and pointing me in the right direction! :)


Glad you found it. Yea, this line sums up your question/issue.

A guest account at one organization links to a member account at another organization


Hey Pat,

I am having the same issue, where I want to add a user external from our office who had a micrsoft business license to work on a specific subfolder of one of our sites. Also so that she is able to sync the files locally to the on drive app on her Mac. Did you get any further with you issue?


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Zohair Asif