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 I thought I would see if anyone had advice here. My non-profit's email address was migrated from go daddy to Microsoft 365.  I didn't realize I needed to purchase a subscription and never logged into it.  I logged in to go daddy today to find my email not there so I purchased an email account through them (with 365) but now I can't create a Microsoft account because my domain is already associated with something.  But I didn't do it and I can't figure out how to get them to free it. Because I have no associated email address with Microsoft they won't help me and go daddy keeps telling me to just call them and have them free the domain.  Does anyone have any advice? 

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Are you talking about Email Domain? How about MX record? It's belong to Godaddy or Microsoft now?

@Kidd_Ip  I believe it's the email domain. I don't know about the MX record, I would guess Microsoft.  When I try to create the email I get the below


Whoops! cs****.org has already been used to set up a Microsoft 365 account at Microsoft®.

Before you can create any new users here, you must remove cs****.org and any associated accounts from your previous Microsoft 365 account.

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account on the Microsoft site.

  2. Go to your Admin section.

  3. Find the Users section, and edit or delete any users associated with cs****.org.

  4. Find the Domains section, and select cs****.org to remove.

  5. Come back here, and create your new Microsoft 365 accounts!