We transformed a messaging extension in a Copilot Plugin in 2 days...

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...and is now available on the Marketplace!

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Why a Copilot Plugin?

When our Program Manager told us that Teams apps could connect to Copilot using a messaging extension, we were thrilled and jumped right in. Since most of our apps already had the extension, turning it into a plugin seemed like a logical step. After considering which of our apps would be most helpful, we settled on Booking Room Pro.
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Why is this plugin such a big deal?

There are a few reasons. At Witivio, we've been experimenting with plugins internally for a while now. However, this is the first Copilot Plugin of a Teams native app, the first Copilot plugin available on Teams Store in Europe, and the first Copilot plugin that we're making available to all our users.

Thinking about your own Copilot plugin?

For companies who want to make their own plugin, here's some advice: Focus on solving a specific problem that users have. This will make sure your plugin works well with Copilot and actually helps people.

Also, make sure to read the documentation carefully and talk to your program manager often. This will make it easier to get your plugin approved and ensure everything runs smoothly when you integrate it.

I wrote a full article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/introducing-booking-room-pro-europes-first-plugin-copilot-selene-suau...

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@SeleneSuau congrats! Loved reading your full story and hearing how you delivered value in such a short amount of time. 


Any other partners here who have built plugins? Would love to learn more about what specific tools you used to do so and what results you've seen.