Marketplace Transact and Grow with Microsoft

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Microsoft’s Marketplace Transact and Grow Incentive campaign incentivizes Azure ISVs to sell their solutions through the Microsoft Marketplace and collaborate with Microsoft’s sales teams. It aims to drive mutual growth by offering financial incentives, co-selling support, and increased marketplace visibility.


There are various levers based on which a publisher can earn upto maximum of $200K USD. Check out various possible levers at the campaign’s overview.


For ISV’s with SaaS solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure can earn $20,000 per offer for maximum of 4 offers. Following are the eligibility criteria for receiving this rebate:-


  1. The published offer on the Marketplace must be a Transactable offer.
  2. The transactable offer must be a Azure IP Cosell Eligible offer, that means
    1. At the organization level, generate at least USD100,000 of Azure Consumed Revenue or Marketplace Billed Revenue (via the commercial marketplace), over the trailing 12-month period.
    2. Microsoft has validated the Azure based solution technically.
    3. A reference article has been provided for the solution.
  3. The IP Cosell Eligible offer achieves USD $25,000 cumulative marketplace billed sales during the Incentive Term from July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024.

Check out more details about eligibility criteria, how to participate etc. at the campaign’s detailed Partner Walking Deck.

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Thanks for sharing, Manisha! Would love to hear from any partners who have taken advantage of this campaign and hear what results you had from it.