Sum of incentive amount based on the cell values

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Hey there, I m trying to calculate the total sum of incentive amount in term of models. I am attaching a screenshot where you easily understand things.


Screenshot (276).png

In table 1 , These are the models no with their incentive, table 2  is my sales data sheet.

Salesman name & model will be in table 2.

Now i want to calculate the total sum of incentive amount based on model.

Please help me to get rid out of this.

I tried sumproduct with sumifs formula but getting error

thankyou in advance...

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If In understood the logic correctly that could be



Hey, thanks for quick reply but that not what i want, actually i want sum of total of incentive amount in term of name


When like


Thank you for your response sir, For now, i got my answer but didn't understand how this formula work
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We may do step by step


In first step we return the matrix where each column corresponds to each model in Table1. Row indicates if such model is in related row of Table2 in Models. We use double dash "--" to convert TRUE and FALSE to 1 and 0 accordingly.

On second step we MMULT above matrix with incentives column of Table1. MMULT multiplies values in each row of matrix on related incentives value and return the sum for the row (first column matrix value * first row incentives value + second column matrix value * second row incentives value).

On third step we generate current name filter on Names in Table2.

Finally multiply one on another and sum resulting vector to have total sum for the current name.

Thankyou so much sir for this clarification

Hey@Sergei Baklan  I need your little help, It was running good but there should be a condition that if a salesperson sell a model with lower of its price then no incentive will be given, we have to ignore that sales. How can we do that? I tried to use sumif and in last i gave condition that sale amount >= transpose of incentive model price amount but it give me error

I'm not sure where and how do you define prices. If like this


formula could be

    MMULT( --(Table2[Model] = TRANSPOSE(Table1[Model])),
           Table1[Incentive]) *
    ( MMULT( --(Table2[Model] = TRANSPOSE(Table1[Model])),
             Table1[Price]) <= Table2[Actual price] ) *
    (Table2[Name] = [@Name])
Thankyou so muchhh sir, I got my answer dam rightt Thankyou again

@ishaqib , you are welcome