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Hi! I inserted a dropbox link on my file, but the receiver of the file can't open the said link.
But on my side there is no issue. Anyone can help me pls?

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How did you create the link?

Hey Abigail,

Normally opening links in an Excel file shouldn't be an issue, but it can be when the path to where they link is not public. Check your Dropbox share options if everyone can access that file or if the file is private, this will probably be the issue.

@Hans Vogelaar Screenshot 2023-10-06 174351.png


I just copy the link of the dropbox file and paste it directly in the address bar as shown on the picture

@Zeelmaekers hi! the dropbox link is available for viewing. I'm kinda confused whether the issues is from the excel or the dropbox

Hey @abi21gail 


It's hard to say with this little information maybe you can request more information from the receiver. Can you open the link in an incognito tab (Ctrl+shift+n for most browsers) and check if you are able to view the content if you are able to. I don't think there is an issue with the link.

@Zeelmaekers this is from receiver screenshotimage_2023_10_06T10_51_49_933Z.png

Hey @abi21gail 

Thanks for providing more information,
I recommend removing the screenshot as the forum posts are on a public forum and you just showed a full URL, next time try to hide the hyperlink with an editing tool. :)

The issue the receiver is facing is a common issue that was documented. I think it could be useful to provide the recipient with the following link as they will need to do some small steps to fix this bug.
Microsoft 365 Documentation - Error message when selecting hyperlink in Office 


Did you do it this way?

Activate File Explorer.

Locate the file in your Dropbox folder or one of its subfolders.

Right-click the file.

Select Dropbox > Copy Dropbox link from the context menu.

Switch to Excel.

Insert > Link.

Paste the link into the Address box (Ctrl+V).


Office apps have had trouble with direct links to network or internet files since at least Office 2003 (Maybe even before then).  Direct links to tend to break.


First, you'll want to verify the drop box link works outside of Excel.  If it does, you can try one of these then rebuild the hyperlink.


1. Disable 'update links on save' (anyone using the workbook can disable it):



2. Create a hyperlink base in the workbook properties. This is a bit more involving and only an option if dropbox is the only type of link in the workbook.