Biz Apps Net Customer Add: Forecast missing detailed data

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We are looking at our net customer add data for business apps D365. It forecasts we are losing some customers over the next 3 months.


We want to understand details of this forecast, like who are these customers?


Clicking on “view metric details” (5 in the illustration below) brings us to the regular net customer add report. I was expecting to get more details about who these customer (I am losing) are?


Who has the answer, or an idea how can we find out ourselves?

Thanks all






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@Martijn Breet or @Nick_Beacroft would you happen to know anything about this? Not sure you would but thought it was worth a shot as you seem to help others from time to time.


Thank you in advance!!  - jill


Hi @RalfW 


I've seen your post and I have not replied since your question is out of scope for my team.  However, if I find helpful information, I will update this post. 


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I do not have a quick or easy answer to this.


I agree that Microsoft do not make this easy to understand. Even the data you can download is formatted badly and requires you to correct it before you can use it. For example, numbers are text, which you have to convert back to numbers.


Here's a brief summary of how I would approach this.

1. Download the data for the particular metric
2. Open in Excel and use the 'Format as a table'
3. Add new column, e.g. RevenueValue and add a calculation here to convert the text values in the Revenue column to numbers, e.g. '=VALUE([@Revenue])'
4. Create a new worksheet
5. On the new worksheet, insert a pivot table using 'Table1' as the source Table/Range
6. Add Tenant as a row, FiscalMonth as a column, and RevenueValue to the values
7. You could remove the Grand Total column which is no relevant


In the pivot table you are looking for customers that exceeded the revenue threshold 12 months ago when it was counted new, when means 12 months later, they are no longer new and will now be removed metrics.


You can use this pivot too to compare the two revenue columns to see which customer may be counted new since 12 months ago, and also those that have revenue growth.


It is painful and takes time to figure out.






This is just for the Biz Apps. Some of the other solutions partner metrics require a different technique.


Perhaps someone else has some insights and better way of doing this.

@Nick_Beacroft big thank you for your detailed description. I am performing similar steps, but sharing this in the community is a great idea and hopefully has value for others :)

The challenge is not the formatting of data and creating a pivot table. The challenges is about identifying the 2 customers/workloads our business will lose in the next data refresh (please see screenshot above, it says on right "Act now: 2 customer(s) and workload(s) combinations will not be counted ...")"

All we want to understand is the name of these two customer accounts MS forecasts we will lose.
- Clicking on the button "View metrics details" doesn't help, it brings you to the standard net customer add report!
- I had no luck with finding a suitable reports on the download hub in partner center.

To wrap up:
Which data source shall we use to identify the customers / workloads which will not be included in the next data refresh and consequently will impact our net customer add numbers!?
Hi Jill,

Not much more to add than what Nick already advised.
Using the downloads hub you can download history for 2 years. select basic or advanced, under time range select 2 years. Subscription start date is one of the available fields (once you put the data in the right columns....)

For solution area you need customers added in the twelve months leading up to renewal; so after a year customers dont count towards that metric. Losing customers of course also impacts the score...

In this model with always growth compared to previous year (TTM) its bound to end somewhere of course....


Just a quick update:


  • MS Support has confirmed that the "view details" function is not working as expected. They are working on fixing this bug; bug is known since early 2024.
  • As far as I am concerned there is no other path to extract data from the partner portal and determine the customer accounts which will not be counted in your next net customer add data refresh.

The "View more" button (screenshot below) doesn't work as expected:

  • It does not provide related details ("who are the 11 customers not counted in the next data refresh?").
  • Instead, it just opens the standard net customer add report.



@RalfW thank you for circling back and posting this info.