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I have no idea how to provide credentials to Honolulu so I can use this tool.  I am a domain admin so i'm surprised my own account isn't credentials enough.  Is Honolulu acting as a proxy between me and all the servers?  What do I do to easily get rid of

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If you click on the text saying credentials needed the right-hand side of the window should pop up with a logon box. enter your credentials and make sure you tick the use... Read More
Hey guys,

Missed the Ama but interested to see how the dev team views Honolulu fitting in with the greater set of tools like ConfigMgr or Intune for Windows Server management.

Next question, how does pricing work?
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Honolulu complements multi-machine policy-driven solutions like SCCM and Intune by providing single-server and single-cluster troubleshooting and ad-hoc configuration and

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