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I have no idea how to provide credentials to Honolulu so I can use this tool.  I am a domain admin so i'm surprised my own account isn't credentials enough.  Is Honolulu acting as a proxy between me and all the servers?  What do I do to easily get rid of

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If you are deploying Project Honolulu as a service, in order to use the "use my windows credentials" option, you must configure some kind of Kerberos delegation between t

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If you click on the text saying credentials needed the right-hand side of the window should pop up with a logon box. enter your credentials and make sure you tick the use... Read More

Honolulu uses WinRM via TCP/5985 to connect to remote servers. Only to my knowledge WinRM via TCP/5985 by default is not encrypted. How can we use Project Honolulu with WinRM via HTTPS (TCP/5986)?

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Does Honolulu support SAML or OIDC for authentication? If so, can it be integrated with Okta to enable MFA and controlled access to server resources?

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I have the same kind of problem with Remote Desktop as I have with PowerShell Console : with Chrome the tool cannot connect to the machine (message 'Session Disconnected' ) but if you try from Edge, it is working.




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Since the introduction of the PowerShell Console, I was never able to use it because each time I tried to connect I had the message 'Connection Closed'.

I always used Chrome as my main machine has 2012 R2 as OS.

Today I tried from a Windows 10 ma

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I have installed the latest version of Honolulu and unfortunately, with this new version, the tool Events doesn't work anymore.

When I click on Events I see on the main pane 'No log channel selected.' and a few seconds later (sometimes faster) a re

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I get this in chrome, but not in Edge. Edge seems to work fine for Events.

I get...


Powershell Console is not supported for localhost (even though i'm connected remotely)




Remote Desktop is not supported for




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Hey guys,

Missed the Ama but interested to see how the dev team views Honolulu fitting in with the greater set of tools like ConfigMgr or Intune for Windows Server management.

Next question, how does pricing work?
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Honolulu complements multi-machine policy-driven solutions like SCCM and Intune by providing single-server and single-cluster troubleshooting and ad-hoc configuration and

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