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  • , 07-19-2017

    If you’re new to Excel, or even if you have some experience with it, you can walk through our most requested features in this tour. With real-world examples and helpful visuals, you’ll be able to sum, fill, sort, filter, and pivot like a pro. Download the template now. 

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    , 08-07-2017

    This is amazing! My mom could even learn Excel with this interactive spreadsheet. Thank you. (Well, OK, realistically my 84-year-old mother has no idea what a spreadsheet is, so...)


    I've been using Excel since the dawn of time, and I learned so many

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  • I’m trying to indicate whether CELL content already exists in a COLUMN.


    (Ameded for clarity) The Data is in Two columns. The "A" Column is a Custom Date in the form of dd/mm/yy hh:mm. and "B" Column is a name.

    The Date/time in Column 'A' can be the same fo

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    , 08-20-2017

    Great answer but straight away I realise I hadn't explained the problem correctly ... I'm working on two columns, the first is a time and date, the second is data. Both columns have to match ... I've updated the question. Best wishes.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a nested IF formula to compare a column of prices.  I am supposed to have a cell display the name of a vendor with the lowest price.  For example, A2 through A6 have a list of vendor names, B2 through B6 have prices.  I am suppose

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    , 08-20-2017



    there is no need for a nested IF() formula.

  •  in Excel
    , 08-17-2017

    Hi, I just joined this forum today.

    I teach 'Personality Development' in a school. All the students names are listed in Col1 of my Excel sheet.

    I need to send an email to the parents andor students. I have their email IDs in three columns: Parent1, Student,

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    , 08-19-2017

    Hi Mukund,


    Thank you for the update.


    In latest Excel there is built-in function which solves your issue in one click. In older versions there are no built-in functions which directly concatenate entire range. There are third-party add-ins and/or some

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  •  in Excel
    , 08-06-2017

    I am having a situation in editing in Excel, Office 365.  I can copy and paste a formula =SUM for a column or row.  The formula shows but the column or row doesn't compute.  This doesn't happen for every row or column.  Some do and a few don't.  I have tr

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    , 08-19-2017

    Hi Sandra,


    Even better to separate records with the transactions and analytics on them (in your case subtotals on periods).


    Transactions could be in Excel Table, analytics in PivotTable. In attached file is an example for one of transactions sets in

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