[HELP] My Excel can't display or create the graphics

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When I opened a xlsx file with graphics in it, Excel needed me to authorize it to fix the file. And after I clicked "Yes", the file was opened, but the graphics were NOT displayed. 

And when I tried to create a new graphic with a column of data, nothing happened, not even any error information.

If I tried to insert a new graphic (without designating any data), it said something like "To create a chart, select the cell that contains the data you want to use. ...."



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And this is the infomation I found in Windows log.

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Application Error

- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 100

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2019-04-07T04:40:46.000000000Z

EventRecordID 207935

Channel Application

Computer LIN-20140831FCR


- EventData

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\chart.dll


Same problema here.


Already tried using a previous version (16.0.11328.20220) and no luck.




I have exactly the same problem.


I have exactly the same problem for 1 or two days

same problem here, i tried reinstall office, but still doesnt working.....

did you fix it?


I reinstalled office 2016, and the problem fixed.

But, 2 days later, it happened again.

@wrote6hssame problem. All graphics in all documents lost the same way. Who can explain ?

I discovered by experiments that the problem is in the latest version of 365, since the excel graphs are still there at the computer of our university. The question to Microsoft still remains: what can I do at my laptop at home to get around this bug in 365 ?????@wrote6hs 

@joost314 Mine is Office 2016


Office 2016 here.


I reinstalled it and still no luck.


I also have an office 365, version 16.0.11425.20200 and for now it's working fine.


Both are working on machines with Windows 10 x64 1809.


First diference i've noticed is that the non working one is 32bits.


I'll try to make a test with a x64 version asap.

@Andre_Santos10I have also noticed that I can open the files OK on computers with the 32 bits W10 but not with the 64 bits version.

@wrote6hs same problem last 3 days 


I was having the same problema in several computers in a company and I had fix it by reinstalling Skype for Business.

I don't know why happens but the problema is solved. 

Now I am checking with my mates if we can find the origin of the problem in order not to be reproduced in the future. If I get this information I Will share with you.


I hope this can help you.


Best regards,

@makako Thanks for the Tip, but I don't have Skype for Business installed. Just "normal" Skype.



I have the exact same problem.  I had everything working until lunch when I asked Office to update. When I came back from lunch Office was updated and the problem started. Everyting is seemingly ok in the repaired workbook but all graphs have gone. Cannot create a new chart.


Thanks makako. But I've never installed Skype in my PC. So, that may not be the reason of mine.

@GoranC36I have to correct my earlier message. This morning Office in my old 32 bits computer was automatically updated and now I have the Excel problem in that computer also.

@GoranC36I have noticed that if I log in to (where my Excel files are stored) and use Excel Online all my files can be opened without any problems. Obviously Excel Online has not yet been updated to the same version as Office 365 Excel. A comment from Microsoft is appreciated.

@GoranC36   It happen to me too.  I can see my graphs at the address where the excel files are stored, but not in excel.   I do have Office 365 for home.   I will check if when oppening with an old excel 2007 still works and can see my dynamic or normal graphs.

@GoranC36I have noticed that if I log in to (where my Excel files are stored) and use Excel Online all my files can be opened without any problems. Obviously Excel Online has not yet been updated to the same version as Office 365 Excel. A comment from Microsoft is appreciated.


@wrote6hs I had the same Issue. Try to restart your computer. It helped me.


Guys, it turned out it was something to do with another software. My situation was caused by a downloading software Xunlei. When I uninstalled it, it damged something about Excel in the registry.

I called the tech-support of Microsoft, it cost me 37 RMB btw, the guy told me to reinstall my OS.

What?!!!! That's all you get? Can I take my money back?!

But he did give me a hint that there was something wrong with my own software.

So I tried to restore the circumstance in which Excel was good.

And then, problem solved, somehow, except this Xunlei is pretty annoying.

It's working again. Recently had another update, the office icons changed (that's how i noticed) and everything is working again.
no restart, no skype, no second program. Just a bug in office 32bits. 64bits worked fiine. I even reinstalled office. So, I guess it was an office bug.



At my computer excel graphics works again OK after a Windows update today. Finally, after weeks of worries that my work in excel (several hundreds of documents) was lost.
Note. Power Point files were damaged as well, but that is over now: they are back in original shape..

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