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I have a client whose Corporate Marketing department has recently created company approved templates for Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  The example for Word is attached.  They had some questions surrounding the Colors, List and Table functionality.   Can anyone point me to a resource to assist in helping with these questions below or talking with my customer?  thank you!


The creator of the template set up custom company colors and also labeled the palette “UFG Colors” as show here.




Unfortunately, everyone else who opens up the template doesn’t see that custom “UFG Colors” label even through the custom colors do default correctly.  They were wanting to know if the palette could be labeled globally?




The Insert List option does show their custom UFG List.  They were wondering however if it could somehow be moved towards the top with a UFG List label (near or similar to Current List)?






The Insert Table option does not show their custom UFG Table.  They were wondering if it could be included in the drop down (like Insert List)?   If so, is it also possible to put towards the top with a UFG Table label.





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@Julie_Huff  Each of the levels in your list should be linked to a Style and then to use a level, you apply the appropriate Style.


See the article "How to create numbered headings or outline numbering in your Microsoft Word document" on the following page of the Late Shauna Kelly's website:




You can create a New Table Style and add it to the Gallery (removing other Table Styles if desired to make you Table Style more prominent.








Thank you for the response. What about for PPT and Excel? 



It is better to ask the PowerPoint and Excel questions in the corresponding forums for those applications: 


https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_powerpoint?sort=LastReplyDate (the Microsoft Community forum)


https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/bd-p/ExcelGeneral (TechCommunity)

Thank you Stefan!


What you are showing in your question is not a Table Style but a Quick Table. This is a Building Block. For many purposes I prefer a Quick Table to a Table Style, but it is not the same thing. Quick Tables have content, not just formatting. Your client may want both.


Part of what you are dealing with here is Themes. In general in Word, at least, to move a custom part up in a list, starting the name with an _underscore often helps, because many of the lists are presented in alphabetical order.


John Korchock has written extensively on PowerPoint Themes.