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I need help with a functionality in Word documents. I've linked headings of a word document to a Power BI report's button (that basically contains the link created ). Clicking the button directs users to the specific headings in the document (which the objective of this task).

However, users are directed to Edit mode when accessing the file, I want to prevent unintended changes. I tried adjusting the links to View mode, in the sharing settings, but this prevents automatic navigation to the specific headings (it opens in the first page by default).

I'm looking for suggestions on how to solve this problem. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.


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@Jos2000 Select all of the content of the document and then click on the Group dropdown in the Controls section of the Developer tab of the ribbon and click on Group.

If you don't see the developer tab, go to File>Options>Customize Ribbon and check the box for Developer in the list on the right hand side.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP First of all, thank you so much for the response. However, as I am not an experienced Word user, I didn't fully understand the solution you presented. Could you please provide some screenshots to help me better grasp the ideia?

Note: My primary goal is to enable users of this link to click on it and be automatically directed to the specific heading, while maintaining read-only access.

@Jos2000 Here are screenshots that illustrate my suggestion




To display the Developer tab if it does not appear on the ribbon




To prevent users from entering Edit mode when clicking the linked headings in your Word document, you can try the following steps:

Document Protection:

Protect your Word document with a password.
Go to the "Review" tab, click on "Protect Document," and set a password.
This will restrict users from making unintended changes without the password.
Sharing Settings:

In Power BI, ensure that the sharing settings are configured to allow viewing without editing.
Double-check the link settings to make sure it is set to "View" mode.
Deep Linking:

Instead of linking directly to the document, try deep linking to specific headings.
Use the format #heading=<HeadingID> in the link, replacing <HeadingID> with the actual ID or text of the heading you want to link to.
Review Permissions:

Confirm that users have the appropriate permissions to view the document but not edit.
Check both the document permissions and Power BI sharing settings.
PDF Conversion:

Convert your Word document to PDF and link to specific pages or headings.
PDFs often maintain links and formatting without the risk of unintended edits.
Advanced Power BI Configurations:

Explore advanced configurations in Power BI to ensure the link behavior aligns with your requirements.
This may involve adjusting report settings or using alternative methods for linking.
Test these suggestions to see which combination works best for your specific scenario. If the issue persists, you may want to consult Microsoft support or community forums for more in-depth assistance. ‌

Best of luck! :smile:

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Thank you once again for your help! I now understand your suggestion, and it has effectively resolved my problem. However, I managed to refine my initial problematic solution by configuring the permissions better, and it is now functioning correctly.