I need help with Word on Windows 11

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When I start a new document, the ruler, page settings, margins, etc, are all wrong. Whenever I try to set the necessary settings for my document, it's still all wrong.

I have reset, updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, and now I am asking for help.

I have a project for school that is due April 28, so I started doing the documents necessary for the project. That's when I started having issues.


Please, someone help me.



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@trplegoddess What exactly do you mean by "all wrong"?


If you upload a copy of the document, one of us will investigate the issue.

Hi, Doug,
Thank you for responding to my request.
Could you tell me how to upload my document? This is the first time I have used the community.

Rebecca (@trplegoddess)
I mean that my page is cut off on the right edge. When I try to reset the page layout, it still doesn't give me the 8.5 x 11 page with 1" margins. When I try to reset margins, the right margin is set to 0. A setting for right indent is 4.93".
BTW, these are not MY settings. My default for 'new document" was "normal."

I have a project coming up for an Administrative Office course, and I cannot turn my work in with incorrect settings.