Autosave Not Working

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I have an office365 proplus installed

The auto-check is always turned OFF.

I have created a new word document and saved to Onedrive, whenever I go to one drive and open in-app to edit, Autosave is turned off so I will have to manually be turning it ON 

I have gone to file>options>save>Autosave OneDrive and Sharepoint is checked

I have gone to file>options>advanced>save and it is checked

I have reinstalled and uninstalled, removed all Add-ins 

I have resynced Onedrive and all connected services are connected


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That sounds very odd. Do you always get the attached message or is the problem the Autosave feature always showing "turned off"?

Have you controlled this?

And this?

My initial thought was a GPO but not if you always get the attached message (obviously).

I have tried the first article which did not work.

T,his is affecting just a single user 

 another alternative would be appreciated @ChristianBergstrom 

Hello, do the user always get the attached message with information of what could be causing the issue? Is this happening for only one or all documents? Are all Office applications affected or just Word? It’s difficult to suggest steps not knowing. But maybe it is necessary to take a closer look at the files and the content.

Hello thanks for the response.


was able to resolve it by navigating to the folder on registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0 and renaming it to .old


I have initially don this after updating changing office channel and it did not resolve it.

I do not know what changed however, after renaming the registry to .old it was resolved.


Thanks for the help 

@MVPromise I'm not sure I fully understand that registry folder renaming, what was it specifically was changed? I am having the same issue and cannot for the life of me figure out why when opening a file on Onedrive, the Autosave icon is switched to off. To reinitiate it, I have to select the toggle to on, at which point the file is resaved in the obscure and rarely used designated folder.
any help would be much appreciated.




@Suitesetup Hi Were you able to fix your problem? I have the same issue? Every time I opened a file from my Onedrive, automatic saving is off and when I manually turn it on it saves a copy of the file in a different folder.


Can someone help me please ?



I was able to navigate to registry \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office

so i had to rename the office folder to office.old

refreshed the registry and the issue was resolved for me

This is so far the best answer i found and actually works for me, i searched a lot and no one have a properly solution

In my case this works perfectly

How do I change this in my registry? I don't know how to speak computer like this but I am having this exact issue @Eolyne_Herlentz 

@Suitesetup  autosave is working for powerpoint and excel but it stopped working on word = every time i save a document the autosave is off = when i open a word document from onedrive autosave is off even though it is ticked in the word settings option... how can i fix it?


Rapid repair Office 365 - No change


Online repair Office 365 - No change


SaRA Download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant from Official Microsoft Download Center - Fixes the problem. Must have been a problem in the registry.