Windows 11 Upgrade caused Outlook 365 Font/Format Issue

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Ran into a very strange issue after my laptop was upgraded to Windows 11. After calling Microsoft for support, I was asked to come here for resolution.

Everything worked okay on the latest version of Windows 10. After updating to Windows 11, everything ran great until today. I was reading an email and everything looked correct. After rebooting my laptop, reading Outlook emails looks like below....

Outlook Formatting and Fount IssueOutlook Formatting and Fount Issue

There is a narrow column using a different font.  Looking at my signature, the formatting and font looks different; see snapshot below.

Signature is Displayed Incorrectly in OutlookSignature is Displayed Incorrectly in Outlook

In Signatures and Stationery, when editing my signature, it looks correct; see snapshot below.

Signature Edit Displays CorrectlySignature Edit Displays Correctly

In Signatures and Stationery, the font settings are correct; see snapshot below.

Stationary is Set CorrectlyStationary is Set Correctly
Viewing the Source of the email in Outlook, it shows a different style font, could this be the issue? 


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office, that didn't work.
I upgraded Windows 11 to Version 10.0.22581.200 and that didn't work; see snapshot below.


Word, PowerPoint, and Excel seem okay, this is only happening to Outlook. The version of Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 MSO is Version 2201 Build 16.0.14827.20216, the 64-bit version.


Has anyone run into this before?



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@TheDecimalZero  I had the same exact issue , it is enough that you disable the "Immersive Reading" feature which is under the visualization tab in the main outlook window.



exactly the same problem!

@egherardini this solved my (same) problem... THANK YOU!

glad I could help!