SMB access denied for users with accented characters

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Trying SMB access to my Synology NAS with username "Hervé" reports constantly incorrect password also it worked fine before upgrading to 22h2. If I rename the NAS account to "Herve" it works fine again. Try the same with other accended characters in the name gave the same bug...

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@Herv1715I have the same issue on my side.


All my users using usernames containing special characters (accents in this case) have this issue on Windows 11 only (Windows 10 not affected) since the last major update.


This is a big regression, and nothing seems documented on that point.


The Synology support is now also informed and states that it comes from Samba client side.


Thanks to Microsoff to correct this bug.




Hello @microsoft

We are waiting some support on that point please!

Thanks in advance