issue with VPN PPTP windows 10/11 client

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I use windows client VPN (PPTP protocol) for over 3 years now but since last week I'm facing an issue when trying to connect with it,  I got error code 829 and error code 619 and don't understand why.


Have you any idea ?



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Microsoft released Windows 10 patches for the VPN issues :

The VPN issue affected Windows 11 through to Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB and stemmed from IP Security (IPSEC) connections which contain a Vendor ID failing. VPN connections using Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) or IP security Internet Key Exchange (IPSEC IKE) might also be affected, according to Microsoft.

Don't know if they will fix your issue, but are you up-to-date regarding the hotfixes/updates?
Thanks for your reply.

Yes I'm up-to-date regarding the hoxfixes/updates.

Are they still working on a patch to fix that or it was released already ?

There is a known issue in the recent KB5009543 update for Windows.
Microsoft released an out of band update , take a look at:
This fix will be included in the future update.
Thank you, then I guess I have to wait until the release is out.
I'm at the latest version KB5010795 and if I'm not wrong it should have fixed the VPN issue however I'm still facing the issue with VPN PPTP.
But the VPN server itself that you're connecting, did it change perhaps? Account settings?
No, nothing changed, the issue occur last week and the latest patch KB5010795 seems not to solve it
And other clients can connect when running previous builds of Windows 10/11?

 I have exactly the same issue. nothing changed on server's side@Philippe94400 

Have you find something relavant to fix the issue ?
In this case, I believe this might be a different issue, try look into event viewer and reconfigure VPN and see if the problem persist?

@Philippe94400 unfortunately not, however in my case, server updates are close and nothing changed in RAS server; But Clients get updated, and also nothing changed in their setting. So I guess that there is an update issue. I find that it seems in every security update release on January 11, there is a VPN issue. like KB5009557. You can check if you have any installed updates on this date.


same issue
The workaround I've just found is to use OpenVPN instead of Windows client for the moment

@Philippe94400 Cool! How did you create PPTP config file for Openvpn?

I didn't use PPTP anymore with OpenVPN, you have to export the OpenVPN file from the server. and use OpenVPN client on your laptop