Can I recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy on computer?

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Hi all.

Really confusing, I accidentally deleted precious photos from my Samsung galaxy phone, hoping to recover them. But having checked the junk folders inside my device and not found them. The deleted files might be stored there temporarily before being permanently deleted, but I didn't find them.

Is there any effective way to recover deleted photos on my Samsung galaxy on computer? I really need them.

Thank you.

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When you delete photos from your Samsung phone, they are typically moved to the "Trash" or "Recently Deleted" folder where they can be recovered within a limited time frame. However, if you empty the Trash or the deleted photos exceed the retention period, they may be permanently erased from your device, making recovery more difficult or impossible. So the chances of recovering deleted photos from Samsung galaxy are slim.
Did you back up your photo to Google Drive or sign in Samsung account on your Galaxy phone? If yes, then it is highly possible to recover deleted photos from cloud backup. Otherwise, you should try some Android data recovery software to help you out!

I have  a Galaxy S24 Ultra and accidentally deleted dozens of photos. Fortunately, I backed this phone to my PC via Smart Switch software. At that, I managed to recover all deleted photos from that backup. 


P.S. It does not do any help if you don't have a previous backup with Smart Switch.