BitLocker and Recovery Key

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When I purchased the laptop, by default, its device encryption is enabled.

And its drive has lock symbol. It means laptop’s drive is encrypted with BitLocker.


I read and heard, decrypting encrypted drive is not recommended and decrypting process take a lot of time.


In any scenario, BitLocker recovery key can be required.

To find BitLocker recovery key, I found the link


Please let me know,

  1. If no Microsoft account is linked, how to find BitLocker recovery key?
  2. If more than one Microsoft account is linked, from which account recovery key can be found?
  3. Initially the laptop was linked with a Microsoft account, then de-linked. In this scenario, how recovery key can be found?
  4. If don’t know which Microsoft account was linked or because of any reason the Microsoft account is not accessible, how recovery key can be found?
  5. By anyway, if recovery key can’t be found what can be done?
  6. In the link I found two Recovery key with Key ID, Recovery Key, Drive and Key update date. Please let me know, which should I use, what about OSV and FDV in Drive?
  7. Does Recovery key have any validity?
  8. If it’s deleted from the link, how much time it takes for next key?

I request, please resolve my all above queries.


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Go to the control panel and go to device encryption. Click on backup and follow the prompts. This key is for the current device you are on