Update on Labs Security Impacts (5/7)


Updated with additional information on 5/7


Hello TSPs,


As outlined in today’s blog post by Charlie Bell (Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security), Microsoft continues to make security a top priority internally as well as with our partners and customers. Unfortunately, the unintended consequence of this focus continues to impact labs within our training ecosystem. We are keenly aware how these tenant issues are impacting your training business, from reducing the richness of the overall training experience all the way to potentially cancelled classes.


We have updated the previously shared FAQ (attached) to provide additional details and answer your questions. While we’ve reached a resolution in some courses (see below), the larger question regarding when tenant access will be broadly available is still an unknown. As meaningful updates become available, we will share them here on our Training Services Partner Community (Forum).


Today’s update (8 courses):


  • SC-300: tenants are now being made available to the Authorized Lab Hosters (ALHs). We are working on creating stockpiles to support the quantity of classes
  • PL-300 & DP-605: ALHs are now offering these labs via their own Azure subscriptions, and not the M365 tenants
  • PL-100, PL-900, PL-7001, PL-7002, PL-7003: Skillable has created an M365 tenant solution which is now available to TSPs


Our team is working hard behind the scenes to reinstate tenants or create workarounds for all impacted courses. If you have further questions, please post them via this thread. 


Thank you for your partnership,



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Dear @DanDonohue Thank you for the update.

Just wanted to check when we can see MD-102 and MS-102 be back and available to use?




5/7 Update


Some M365 tenant types have resumed provisioning and will be available for our Authorized Lab Hosters to distribute. 


Tenants are now available for the following courses

  • Tenants for the following labs are now available with the following changes:
    • Tenants are going good for 14 days from when an ALH receives the tenants.
    • Users will be required to change their password at first logon
    • MFA is currently not enabled on tenants


  • AZ-040T00: Automating Administration with PowerShell
  • MB-220T00: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys
  • MB-260T00: Microsoft Customer Insights - Data Specialty
  • MB-800T00: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant
  • MB-820T00: Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer
  • MD-102T00: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator
  • MS-4001: Build collaborative apps for Microsoft Teams
  • MS-4006: Copilot for Microsoft 365 for Administrators
  • PL-200T00: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
  • PL-300T00: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
  • PL-400T00: Microsoft Power Platform Developer
  • PL-500T00: Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer
  • PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps
  • PL-7002: Create and Manage Automated Processes by using Power Automate
  • PL-7003: Create and Manage Model-Driven Apps with Power Apps and Dataverse
  • PL-900T00: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
  • SC-300T00: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator


Labs remain offline for the following courses.
We are still working on bring back the tenants for the following courses, which currently remain unavailable:


  • IC-001T00: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • MS-102T00: Microsoft 365 Administrator
  • MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams
  • MS-721T00: Collaboration Communications Systems Engineer
  • SC-200T00: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
  • SC-400T00: Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365
  • SC-5003: Implement information protection and data loss prevention by using Microsoft Purview
  • SC-900T00: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals


We will provide additional updates as they become available. 


Good News. We hope Cashcows (for us MS102,MS700,MS721) are resuming too shortly.
We have a significant delivery of MS-102 going on this week. All students had pre-registered for their exam (and are scheduled to take the exam on Friday of this week, 5/10). Not having the labs is really having a negative impact on class quality. Is there any word at all on a timeline for MS-102/is there anything that can be done to get MS-102 working as normal as soon as possible (ideally today)?

Any update on the remaining offline labs? when can we expect them to be online? we are running classes weekly so any ETA on this. @DanDonohue 

Dear @DanDonohue 


our next training session MS700 is scheduled on week 28-31 May - Do you think the issue will be solved for that week? or do we have to consider to cancel the class? 




@Vanessa_Mameri I know this is a high priority for them to fix, but I don't think anyone knows when it will be fixed. If you are concerned, I would suggest cancelling. Sorry you have to do that! 


@DanDonohue do you agree? 

@JillArmourMicrosoft@Vanessa_Mameri @Adil_Feroz @JoeMignano @MarioFuchs 


I don't have an update on these particular courses today. I am hoping to receive and post an update on remaining courses by the end of this week (5/17). I will add it to this thread as soon as I have it. 



Hi Do you have updated on the lab that still impacted? we will have some of training organize in June.
The lab account assigned was previously a global admin account, but the (Skilble) PL-900 lab we just checked was a user account, as it does not have access to the Power Platform administration or Microsoft 365 admin center. I cannot do the various self-studies within the training. Please do not change the role of the account you distribute.
割り当てられたラボアカウントは、これまでは グローバル管理者アカウントでしたが、先ほど確認した(Skilble)PL-900のラボはユーザーアカウントでした。Power Platform 管理画面やMicrosoft 365 管理センターへアクセスできないのでトレーニング内での様々な自習ができません。配布するアカウントの役割は変更しないでください。
I love how easy it is for Microsoft to suggest their partners just cancel classes...some of us may not have multiple revenue streams to continue funding our businesses. I feel bad for those who relied so heavily on Microsoft and put their eggs in your basket. In the last 5-10 years, this program has gone to **bleep**. The instructors despise the content being created, the labs are a joke and then to boot we have the partner telling us to just cancel classes because you can't figure out how to support your products. If there was ever a time to create 3rd party content, this is it...but, Microsoft's developers make sure that can't happen by ever changing the landscape of the cloud products.



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