Current Courseware Title Plan (The most updated version will always be posted here)



Attached is the September Monthly Title Plan V1.


Key Reminders for September:

  • MB-220: Exam will be renamed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Journeys) Functional Consultant. (9/20/23)

  • MB-500: FULL course update: Instructor materials, Learn content, Labs on GitHub. (9/29/23)

  • SC-900: Several new modules, documented Summary of JTA, that include tables with changes for each Learning Path. (9/29/23)
  • MS-900: Product changes. Information removed around Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, from the second Learning Path.




  • In this Title Plan on the Courseware Title Plan tab, you will find some course rows that are gray colored – this signifies the course’s major update is only PowerPoints that are just going through the new Microsoft Learn rebranding. There is no course update, associated with this.


  • The other row without a color lets you know there will be a course update AND a rebranding of PowerPoints. You will also see Title Plan notes for all of them.


Thank you!

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