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Hello Learning Partner Support,


just to give you a glimpse how current the actual lab software is. Just started an MS102 (Super Actual Course) Lab and I get this:


* Two Windows 10 Clients (CL01 and CL02) Version 20H2 - Microsoft End Of Life May 2022!!!

* One Windows Server 2019 1809 Server (DC01) - Server 2022 released in August 2021


I dont know why is should pay USD 36 per Student for that.


Can anyone please update these VMs or give Learning Partners another option to create tenants and use their own virtual machines with actual software.


Best regards,

Mario Fuchs


P.S.: This forum is crazy - I need 30 minutes to write a 2 minute post. - Always says post flooding detected.

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@MindyAllison may be able to help. 

There are currently 5 ALHs- has this been your experience with all?
You can find the list of them here
In my experience all 5 were relatively quick to answer any support questions I have and depending on the provider they may be willing to work with your needs.

Hope you find a good solution for your students!
Hi Joshua,

I have tried skillable and xtremelabs. Same experience at both.

- Tried to contact ILT Courseware Support
- After 14 days - The Response: Please contact the ALH directly
- Done that (Contact ALH)
- No response for 3 days now.

I think no one cares about all these issues.


That is understandably very frustrating. You are trying to ensure a quality class for your clients.
Since this is a public forum I don't want to endorse one provider over another necessarily, but I do recommend contacting the other 3 as well. I would hope the ALH will be willing to provide a good experience for your students.