User Directory Mapping?

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We have been using OneDrive for business after moving ours users' H: drive network shares. This would fairly straightforward and everyone seems to have adopted it with little hassle.

We're considering moving our on-prem departmental shares into SharePoint now (team sites broken down from departments/projects). It's easy enough getting the data there and securing it, but does anyone have suggestions on how our end users should be accessing our data?

We're talking about TB's of data here. We're a large org, so automation is key. I've already shutdown the "keep using mapped drives" argument. I know you can use the Sync option, but I just hate to make everyone do it themselves. I know about GPO's to keep the files online only, but we would occasionally need to sync them locally.

So any recommendations on keeping some of the accessibility inside Windows Explorer and automating directory syncing based on groups? Or does everyone just recommend having end users do it on their own or just accessing everything directly through the site?

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when you establish the Sync between a SP library and a user workstation, OneDrive client takes care of it behind the scene.  

You should have a GPO setting for OneDrive called "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically"

It exist as classic GPO or for Intune. 


Also SP Product Group introduced another way to access SP contents locally using "Shortcuts".


You will find many article online listing benefits and limitations for each approach so you can decide which one fits better for your company

@mr_w1nst0n Thanks for the info. I was curious about this "shortcuts" thing. I've tried looking online but can't seem to find anything that directly relates to what you were referencing. Do you have any links?