Upload folder allowed even when make new folder command is set to no in settings

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There is an inconsistency in the way "folders" are allowed in modern experience on document libraries. 


We have set the option "Make new folder command available" to "no" in the library settings. This has been working like a charm, as we do not allow our users to just upload and dump folders. We prefer structured managed metadata instead of infinite nested folders. 

Library settings for new folder is set to noLibrary settings for new folder is set to no



In the classic experience this has served our purpose well. There is no visible option of uploading a "folder". 


No visible upload folder option in classic experienceNo visible upload folder option in classic experience



And when the "upload" button/link is clicked, the resulting upload dialog with file browser does NOT allow selecting folders. This satisfies our requirement of not allowing folders in document libraries.


File browser does not allow folder selection in classic experienceFile browser does not allow folder selection in classic experience





In the modern experience, the option to upload a folder is available big and clear as a dropdown option for upload, despite the settings set to "no". 

Upload folder allowed in modern experienceUpload folder allowed in modern experience



This is inconsistent behaviour with the settings and as compared to classic experience. This should honour the settings, and not show (or disable) the "folder" upload when the settings is "no".


This inconsistent behaviour is now causing a lot of headache for us having found several deeply nested folders been uploaded (rather dumped) by several users.


Why should this be? Perhaps there is a common UI pattern irrespective of whether it is on a classic site or a group-connected modern site. But, this should check and honour the type of site and whether the setting is disabled; based on which "upload" option should be enabled/disabled.


 cc: @Chris McNulty


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@Abhimanyu Singh We have reported the issue to Microsft team, hopefully, the issue will be fixed soon.

Thanks a lot @Devendra Velegandla. Hope it gets fixed soon enough.

Same issue here. Disabled the make new folder option  to propagate the use of metadata in document libraries. Eventually found out users where able to upload folders instead. 


This needs a fix.  

+1  A fix will make it easier to ensure the right user behavior.

Pinging @Mark Kashman and @Sean Squires. This problem is giving us real headaches.

Looping in @Lincoln DeMaris & @Miceile Barrett who can best receive the feedback on this for how modern does or does not comply with the "no" settings to disallow new folders from being created.

@Mark Kashman wrote:

Looping in @Lincoln DeMaris & @Miceile Barrett who can best receive the feedback on this for how modern does or does not comply with the "no" settings to disallow new folders from being created.

@Lincoln DeMaris ... @Miceile Barrett ... @Mark Kashman... Helloooo.. is anybody out there?

Thank you!  I've logged a bug.  This is definitely something we will look at soon.  

Hi Lincoln, is there any feedback on this bug or a number\link that we can follow to see the status of the bug? This is a major compliance nightmare for us

We are experiencing the exact same issue, please fix this bug.

@Lincoln DeMaris: It's new year and hence thought of asking when can we expect a fix this year! It's been 6 months I posted this and it's been two months you acknowledged and logged a bug.


Pinging: @Chris McNulty and @Mark Kashman

Is this bug not going to get fixed?


I am having to create a Remote Event Receiver to block this crazy thing. Did the developers at microsoft not think when they implemented this?


This bug been opened for ages, and still nothing done!

@Abhimanyu Singhgood point -  today I'll talk to a Microsoft support "Mohit" he promised me to lookin to thes issue.

In the same "lega" in modern view if you select in view option under Folder or Flat - if you select "Show all items withhout folders this will not take effect you can still se the folder :(





Unfortunately, we have no plans to fix this issue and expand the scope of this setting to include more places.  This setting is not by any means comprehensive today - it does not affect folder creation in mobile experience or synched locations either.  Upload folder is just one of the "holes" in the present story.



What does that mean @Lincoln DeMaris? Does it mean that the issue that "folder" creation / "upload" is allowed even when it is switched off in settings, will not be fixed? This is clearly a regression in modern, coming from classic. It is a showstopper for us when users are ending up uploading nested folders as deep as the Mariana trench! :(

@Lincoln DeMaris  Very disappointed to get this update after having to wait for close to year and a half. 

Hi , Was there any update of fixing this issue ?

@Lincoln DeMaris Have you been able to look into this "just one of the "holes" in the present story" yet? 


It's been 3.5 years now and some of the basic niggling issues like this persist. SPO is progressing at a pace with all new features, but there is no plan to "fix" lingering usability issues! Why?


@Mark Kashman @Chris McNulty Why?