Update text webpart with data from a CSV file

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Hi - today we run our organizational intranet on SPO and we have been manually updating daily a text webpart with updated metrics from our source database of record.  We can automate the export of this data via a CSV file and have it live in a sharepoint library.  How can we have Sharepoint go out and read that file once a day and publish the updated value to this webpart? 


Or any other options would be appreciated.

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@salibcs I wouldn't use a text web part for this but use a list web part nicely formatted with JSON view formatting. You could have a flow in Power Automate that uploads the CSV file to a SharePoint list. Then you could have a flow that runs once a day, gets the new value and updates the list. I do this every day on our intranet to get and display a random country from a SharePoint list - just as a bit of fun. This has run for about the last 4 years. The list web part with JSON view formatting is shown below.randomCountry.png


Come back with any questions about how to do something like this.


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