Unique Permissions on Document Library


Hi, I have a document library with 13 Folders and approximately 850 Thousand files within those folders. The files were migrated to SharePoint Online from a Box server. The migrated files included the original permissions set on those folders and files. We have set additional unique permissions on a new folder that was added in November 2020. We are experiencing issues with access to that new folder. Is it possible the excessive number of files combined with unique permissions has caused this issue? If so, how do I resolve the access problem?

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Unless I'm mistaken, there isn't a limit on how many permissions a file/folder can have. If people are having trouble getting to a folder then you need to make sure they are in one of the security groups that have access to the folder in question.

Does the person who needs access fall into either a SharePoint Group, AD Group or Azure AD Group that has permissions on the folder? It doesn't matter if the folder has unique permissions or not so long as the person is listed somewhere in one of the groups I mentioned above or has individual rights (generally not recommended) to the folder.
My apologies for the late response. The project managers have been using shared links for access to folders and it's caused a permission nightmare. I may have it resolved. I've created unique permission groups for each folder and placed the respective Users in those groups. We're testing now to confirm the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your assistance!