Template library, prevent saving over templates

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Is there a way we can store templates (i.e. *.dotx) that opens a new blank document or that prevents any contributors from saving over the file? 

We have a document library to store all our written communication templates (over 100), with only few contributors and the rest have read only permission.  But, some of the contributors would accidentally save over the files instead of downloading the file first (i.e. adding their content, etc.).  Is there an easier way to prevent this from happening without the need to keep restoring previous version?

The library should only contain templates, not any files created from one of the templates. 

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Hi @Tamras1972 - you have a few options:


1. Add Content Types to your Library/Libraries. This has the added benefit of associating metadata. If configured from the SharePoint admin center, the library (template + columns) can easily be added to any library on any site with a single source of truth.

2. Use your existing library and make everything read only for most folks. They'll be able to download, but not upload/overwrite.

3. Add the templates to the 'New' menu. Since you have so many, you would want to break it out into categorized libraries. I like this option because it's quick and easy...but maybe not with the volume of docs you're managing


I hope that helps!