Specify what managed path (/teams or /sites) a newly created site goes under?

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Is there a way to specify what managed path (/teams or /sites) a newly created site (either Team site or Communication site) will fall under?


I know I can set where to "Create groups under" in admin settings, but this seems to be for all sites.


Ideally I am looking for an easy way to have Team sites (and ones created through the Teams app) to default to /teams and everything else go to /sites.


Can this be done currently?

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It seems that this is nothing new then :(


Will have to reconsider how to approach site creation. Perhaps once the ability to connect existing SP Team sites to new Office 365 Groups is fully rolled out it becomes less of an issue, but I would still want to dictate where a new site is going to live.


Is this a "non-issue" in the long run? What does it really matter where it lives? Other than organization to the environment, what other benefits are we losing?



you can do that if you have custom provisioning process, but not through the default self service UI.

I agree. I would like to put Communications sites under /sites and team sites under /teams. It sounds like it can only be done manually with powershell a this point.



@Dean Gross By custom provisioning process what are you referring to exactly? I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, I have a flow running and creating the Team or site utilizing the Graph API. Is there something I may be missing in the documentation as to how to choose one or the other?