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I have multiple document libraries in a subsite and I'd like to show them in a page, with maybe a link to that page in the left menù panel; I'd like to have something like the page of "Content site" but with only the document libraries.


Is it possible? How to achieve this?



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@Marco Mangiante You can use Highlighted content web part to only show document libraries from your SharePoint site on a site page.


You will have to use the custom query like: 




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Hello @ganeshsanap
thank you for your support: I tried your suggestion and I like it, but finally I solved in another way: I have a list and inside that list I have a link to every document library: so, I formatted the column where there is the link like a button and so I have access in the list to every document library.

Thanks a lot for your support.

@Marco Mangiante Yes, you can manage the document library links using the SharePoint list as well


Only thing you have to consider is that you will probably have to manage the document library links in the list manually - if new document library is created in the site or if any document library is deleted from the SharePoint site.

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