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Hi everyone,


we have a problem with a SharePoint Website which was inadvertently deleted. We needed to restore the webite and now since then the SharePoint Websites name  is : "websitename_restore". If we as the administrator of our customer click on the URL of the SP Website. The website name changes to "websitename" (original name before the restore). When our customer wants to open the Website, the name shows "websitename_restore". This shouldn't be. Our customer needs to see the name without _restore . 


Why can we see the right name and our customer don't?

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@NicoleWiske Did you try renaming site name manually?


Try this:

  1. Go to SharePoint site
  2. Click on settings (gear) icon
  3. Select "Site information"
  4. Change "Site name" and Save

OR you can try renaming it from SharePoint admin portal as well.

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