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I have a question regarding SharePoint Teams creation. Currently the option to create a SharePoint team Site is not enabled for me. If IT does not wish to enable this for the entire organisation, is it possible via admin centre for them to enable it by user rather than a blanket enable?


If the site was created by IT, it would not allow me autonomy for template selection etc so i am hoping it is possible to enable per user and make me an exception.


Also is disabling this a good approach per organisation. I am failing to see the advantage of disabling it from a control perspective.


Thanks All

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From the Admin Center UI, it is only possible to enable/disable site creation for all users: Manage site creation in SharePoint - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs


A more granular approach can be achieved by specifying who can create Office 365 Groups (which includes SharePoint sites) as described in this article: Manage who can create Microsoft 365 Groups | Microsoft Docs

Your organisation may have taken the decision to restrict site creation from SharePoint and OneDrive to prevent 'site creep' and might have already adopted the Office 365 Group approach (above). It's certainly worth having a conversation with them so that you (and the organisation) can take advantage of the collaborative features in Microsoft 365.

I hope that helps.



Thanks @PeteCox365. It sounds like there is a solution then in providing office 365 group access (i do not think my IT team was aware of this post our conversations).


I have a scenario where i would like to create a sharing platform for a team involving document storage, collaboration, MS teams and power Bi visuals (all users to have pro license). The team will consist of external members (all data to be shared with them will be confidential and ultimately they can be thought of as internal employees on a external domain). 


Do you see any issues doing this through sharepoint teams?


Thanks again

Hi Andrew,

Your requirement can be met by using Microsoft 365 Groups and Guest Access.

Here is a list of Microsoft 365 Group features:
A shared Outlook inbox
A shared calendar
A SharePoint document library
A Planner
A OneNote notebook
Power BI
Yammer (if the group was created from Yammer)
A Team (if the group was created from Teams)
Roadmap (if you have Project for the web)

Here are some resources that you might find useful:

Microsoft 365 Groups

Guest Access

I hope that helps to get you started.
Hi @Andrew505, looks like you should consider a powerapps portal with dataverse, see this:

Kind regards,
@Eva Vogel
Hi @Eva Vogel,

That is really interesting and an approach i had not considered.

To confirm my requirements;

• Require a platform for document storage, communication, reporting and a central hub to communicate
• The members will all be external from a domain perspective but are joint owners and will be able to see each others information.
• I thought Sharepoint Teams would be the best way to approach this with my ltd understanding it sounded like this was exactly what Sharepoints Teams is for (although potentially it is is more focused on internal rather than external so i not sure if there are any pitfalls there)

• I have read up on dataverse many times but have never actually used it. Isnt it a lot more focused at modelling rather than data sharing (although it can be used for the latter)
• As a final point, are there any concerns regarding the security of the data from any of these approaches?


Thanks again all
Also wanted to stress that the data uploaded would be very adhoc from multiple data sources with no model behind it
Sorry @PeteCox365 i have only just seen this.

Would there also be anyway of linking this the SharePoint team site idea. I like the idea of the central hub and features that go with this

Thanks again
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