SharePoint Site Provisioning - Site Templates/Solutions VERSUS PnP/XML/Json - looking for feedback

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Hello, I am looking for input and shared experiences. I want to understand the quickest path and feature comparison of Site Templates versus PnP/XML/Json provisioning. Here is a summary of what I have found to be true and would like challenges.  In my option, it seems that the full custom path is not easy and has gotten more complicated. In addition, it is missing many features.  I have not worked with SharePoint in about 10 years...but over the last few months testing various things this is what I am finding.  I don't want to be a developer!


Also, our goal is to have 100% automation to provision our sites based on a site template/standard site. The standard sites has 2 document libraries with standard folders that are colored red or green and a customized home page. In the end, basic OOTB site templates are winning the race with the template including my document libraries, branding, colored folders and custom home page with very little effort.


Why go the full custom development plan with PnP/XML/Json when there is so much code to write and you lose these OOTB options?  Here is a summary of my testing. Comparison of Standard OOTB Site Templates versus PnP provisioning.

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