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We need to share one specific folder from our SharePoint Online setup with an external company that do not have Office365 accounts in our tenant.  For the standard setup, this is simple.  However, our SharePoint sharing policy currently blocks external sharing.  I know how to modify this policy but I was hoping for a different suggestion or solution.  Are there any methods to keep the existing tight policy enabled and simply create exceptions from within the SharePoint admin portal for a single external domain of 6 users?  The single folder we need to share is new and empty so I can move it however necessary.  And we currently only have a single SharePoint documents site, which is the default created automatically.


Thanks for any input or suggestions.


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I am not sure how the policy is implemeted in your organiztion tenant.

If it is conditional policy then Entra admin can exclude the domain or users in CA policy.

If this in in Sharepoint Sharing settings, then on tenant we have to modify this and enable external sharing and limit domain to limited domains. and also in each site we can manage similar settings.


Also it good have a different site and configure external sharing only on that site so data on different site will be secured.

Also everyone in Tenant can not share to new external users as it is limited to Role "Guest Inviter". User must have above role to share with new guests. But if guests(external users) already in tenant they can share .

how to control on tenant :

How to control on site :