SharePoint Online retention policy not working for Document Library

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I have a SharePoint Document Library - DocA, I have setup an Information Management Policy to move items to the recycle bin on Created+1 Days.

I am using SharePoint online and have been waiting for the items to be deleted for well over a 10 days now. Could you please anyone help on this that why the job has not triggered?



Anyone help on this.

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@Sangamesh Sajjan 


Hi, just to confirm, you have configured this for the library as below, correct?


Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 18.49.04.png


Also, this guide - shows that IM policies work on a weekly timer as shown below.


Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 18.52.47.png


Could you still be waiting for this to kick in?


Thank you for the response.

I have configured the retention policy for over more than 10 days. FYI - Configured per below image.SP Online Retention-1.JPG


Still the timer job has not kicked in. Please advice.


@Sangamesh Sajjan 


OK, these settings look correct, and I am testing this myself but may need to wait a while for some results.  In the meantime, I would recommend that you open a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can advise further on this.


Thank you Peter for your time to provide inputs.

Sure I do.




@Sangamesh Sajjan 


After a couple of days I am seeing the same as you are, but I am obviously still very early on in the cycle of 5 days that is mentioned.

After extensive testing and work with Microsoft Premier Support, I was told that the fact that SharePoint retention policies of less than 7 days don't work is "Be-Design [sic] behaviour and there is nothing to little that we can do on this at the moment."

The admin portal allows you to create policies that are less than 7 days without any warning, and Microsoft documentation doesn't explain this. I was told to submit a UserVoice or a suggestion for an update to the technical documentation. I pushed back, as this is not a feature request but a hole in the product and documentation. The SharePoint expiration timer runs weekly so policies of less than 7 days are not expected to work. I submitted a UserVoice but the SharePoint UserVoice service has been eliminated.