SharePoint Online: Not able to change content type of document from information panel

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Repro steps:

  1. Create a document library
  2. Enable content type management on the library
  3. Add an additional content type
  4. Upload a document (which will get the default, Document, content type)
  5. Select the document in the library
  6. Open the information panel
  7. Change the content type






- Content type is not changed

- Error in Console:
32501.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'null')
at t._getFormRenderMode (32501.js:1:38624)
at t._processClientFormResponse (32501.js:1:21196)
at t._processGetClientFormServerData (32501.js:1:10435)
at 32501.js:1:7539

- Reproduceable in multiple tenants

- Also not possible in the 'Edit all' panel

- When changing another field first, for instance 'Title', the user is able to change the content type. But after refreshing the page and reopening the information panel, changing the content type is again not possible

- When selecting multiple documents, it is possible to change the content type for them using the bulk update functionality.

- On targeted release tenants, it is working fine

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@Ad van den Berg I am experiencing the same issue. Trying to change the Content Type in Quick Edit shows the cell as read only.

@Crypto_Pete and @Ad van den Berg same here.  I hope that Microsoft will respond to this quickly and give all a status update.

Interestingly enough, the bulk update property pane still works. But this means you need to have more than 1 document in the folder in order to edit it. so some of our users are now adding a "dummy" document in order to use the bulk edit experience as a workaround.
This morning it started to work again on our environments, sometimes a clearing of local browser cache was needed.