SharePoint Online Library - File to stay?'t%20find%20any%20documentation%20but%20I%20believe%20Site%20usage%5Canalytics%20will%20be%20staying%20since%20we%20can%20see%20many%20items%20like%20unique%20viewers%2C%20site%20traffic%20and%20etc%20here.%3C%2FP%3E%3CP%3EBut%20do%20you%20know%20you%20can%20run%20a%20report%20here%26nbsp%3B_layouts%2F15%2Fsiteanalytics.aspx%20and%20save%20it

With the loss of Popularity Trends, it was with relief we found that when hovering over a filename in a document library, we saw a "views" number. On selecting this a "File Statistics" window appeared showing viewers and views along with a graph. Hover on the bar to see the actual figure for that day. Hooray, we thought, still a way of looking per day.


This was available until a few weeks ago, this disappeared and was replaced by a total viewers and views figure and the "File Statistics" option disappeared. Booooo. 


We then used the Last 7 days figure from the Site usage. A fair and quicker alternative.


The method has changed again and the "File Statistics" option is back.

I can find no documentation on this. Which option is supposed to be there and is it staying?


Hovering over file name to see Views - selecting views gives "File Statistics"Hovering over file name to see Views - selecting views gives "File Statistics"File StatisticsFile Statistics

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@Ray Harrison 

Hi Ray,

You right I couldn't find any documentation but I believe Site usage\analytics will be staying since we can see many items like unique viewers, site traffic and etc here.

But do you know you can run a report here _layouts/15/siteanalytics.aspx and save it in the same Document library?



Thanks for the reply. When I try siteanalytics.aspx nothing happens except being sent to siteanalytics.aspx?view=19


Do I need to go to the Site Collection Admin to do it for me?

Hi @Ray Harrison @Alireza Rahimifarid ,

       I too have a requirement to download the viewers details. I manage to view file statistics but it shows only 25 viewers details but actual viewers count is showing as 338.  May I know how to view the entire list? also how to download the details



@Ray Harrison 

Is there a way we can export the count and list of viewers to an excel , it is not available under the site usage statistics. if some one able to find a way to extract  a report please share here it will be useful for people with the same requirement.