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With the loss of Popularity Trends, it was with relief we found that when hovering over a filename in a document library, we saw a "views" number. On selecting this a "File Statistics" window appeared showing viewers and views along with a graph. Hover on the bar to see the actual figure for that day. Hooray, we thought, still a way of looking per day.


This was available until a few weeks ago, this disappeared and was replaced by a total viewers and views figure and the "File Statistics" option disappeared. Booooo. 


We then used the Last 7 days figure from the Site usage. A fair and quicker alternative.


The method has changed again and the "File Statistics" option is back.

I can find no documentation on this. Which option is supposed to be there and is it staying?


Hovering over file name to see Views - selecting views gives "File Statistics"Hovering over file name to see Views - selecting views gives "File Statistics"File StatisticsFile Statistics

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@Ray Harrison 

Hi Ray,

You right I couldn't find any documentation but I believe Site usage\analytics will be staying since we can see many items like unique viewers, site traffic and etc here.

But do you know you can run a report here _layouts/15/siteanalytics.aspx and save it in the same Document library?



Thanks for the reply. When I try siteanalytics.aspx nothing happens except being sent to siteanalytics.aspx?view=19


Do I need to go to the Site Collection Admin to do it for me?

Hi @Ray Harrison @Alireza Rahimifarid ,

       I too have a requirement to download the viewers details. I manage to view file statistics but it shows only 25 viewers details but actual viewers count is showing as 338.  May I know how to view the entire list? also how to download the details



@Ray Harrison 

Is there a way we can export the count and list of viewers to an excel , it is not available under the site usage statistics. if some one able to find a way to extract  a report please share here it will be useful for people with the same requirement.

Hello, just wondering if anyone has managed to extract these counts yet? Thanks
Any updates on this? I also would like to see/download file viewers statistics.
Any news regarding this issue?
It would be nice to add a column in the library which shows you the "viewers" and "views" of the file. Then it should be possible to export it.
The count of viewers for each file is necessary to see how the information transfer works and if it need to be improved.

July 26, 2022...reports on file stats within a document library would be extremely helpful. Viewers, date/time in file etc...


Did you activate the site feature "sharepoint viewer"?

You can then see more





Yes I see all that. But I want an export of the data.